Final conference

On 25 April 2014, the final findings of the project were presented as part of themed meetings organised by the Education Development Office for the employees of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia. A special focus of the presentation was devoted to the significance of project findings for further development of educational policies and practices of Slovenian schools. The following issues were presented and debated during the subsequent discussion:

Urška Štremfel: Current Perspectives on Student (Under)achievement

Urška Štremfel: Academic (Under)achievement of Slovenian Adolescents within a European Context

Mojca Štraus: Low Reading Performance in PISA 2009

Klaudija Šterman Ivančič: Reading Literacy and Motivation in the Context of Social Changes

Alenka Gril: Attitude to Knowledge and Adolescents” Learning Achievement

Tina Vršnik Perše: Contextualising Teaching (In)effectiveness and Student (Under)achievement

Tina Rutar Leban: Parenting and Teaching Styles as Support or an Obstacle to Children”s Learning Achievement

Ana Kozina: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning as a Means of Achieving Better-quality Knowledge

Janja Žmavc: Rhetoric and Argumentation as Factors in Student Achievement

Blaž Zupan and Franc Cankar: Fostering Student Achievement Based on the Development of Entrepreneurship

Polona Kelava: Student (Formal) Achievement through Non-formal and Informal Knowledge

Eva Klemenčič: Facilitating Civic Knowledge – A Path Towards Active Citizenship

Urška Štremfel: Student (under)achievement as a challenge in the development of educational policies and practices